Transportation Day 9: Trains


Today we learned about trains.  T loves trains these days and has tons of train toys that he got out to play with today.


  • Freight Trains in Action by Adele D. Richardson


Imaginary Play: Play with wooden Thomas Trains.Transportation Study (89)_edited-1

Train Painting:

T painted page 125 in his A Beka Nursery Arts & Crafts book.Transportation Study (84)_edited-1

Train Shapes

We used page 8 of this free train download to review shapes.Transportation Study (74)_edited-1

Thumb Print Freight Train

Read: Freight Train by Donald Crews


  • Rainbow Colored Ink Pad
  • Card Stock
  • Black Pen
  • Pom-Pom
  • Gray Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Q-tip
  • Brown Marker
  • Printing Paper
  • Index Card
  • Old Tooth Brush


  1. Starting with the engine dip your thumb print in the black ink and place the prints to look like an engine.
  2. Rinse your thumb very well and then move on to the next car. (use the cover of the book as a guide).Transportation Study (79)_edited-1
  3. Use a pen to add the details to each car.
  4. Dip a pom-pom into the gray paint and add smoke puffs coming out of the engine.Transportation Study (77)_edited-1
  5. Dip a Q-tip into black paint to make wheels on the train.Transportation Study (76)_edited-1
  6. Add a track under the wheels with the brown marker and black ink pen.
  7. After it is dry cover the whole picture except for under the tracks with another piece of paper.
  8. Dip the bristles of the tooth brush into the black paint and brush them across the edge of the index card to splatter on your paper. This will create the rocks under the tracks.Transportation Study (75)_edited-1

Train Lunch


  • Sandwich halves
  • Mini cracker sandwiches
  • Stick pretzels


  1. Place your sandwich on end with the crust side up.
  2. Place 4 cracker sandwich wheels.
  3. Place the stick pretzel on top of 2 wheels on each side.Transportation Study (88)_edited-1 Transportation Study (87)_edited-1

We has some left over Thomas napkins from his birthday party.

Tunnel Play

I made a train tunnel by turning a box upside down and cutting out tunnels.Transportation Study (34)_edited-1 Transportation Study (35)_edited-1

Name Train


  • Card Stock
  • Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Marker Pen
  • Circle Punch
  • Crayons


  1. Draw a train engine and cut it out.  I found a train outline at this Shape-Book Pattern Site.
  2. Draw train cars and cut them out (one fore each letter in the child’s name) of different colors of paper.
  3. With a circle punch make 2 wheels for each train car.
  4. Child will glue the engine to the end of the poster board, and then glue the train cars on.
  5. Write one letter of the child’s name in each train car.  (Child can point to each letter and spell his name.)
  6. Last glue on the wheels.Transportation Study (85)_edited-1

Alphabet Train

Today I helped T put together his Melissa & Doug Express Alphabet Floor Puzzle together.Transportation Study (96)_edited-1 Transportation Study (95)_edited-1

Train Colors

We used page 10 of this free train download to make a train colors book.Transportation Study (83)_edited-1   Transportation Study (82)_edited-1Transportation Study (81)_edited-1 Transportation Study (80)_edited-1Train Sun Catcher

I found this Train Sun Catcher at Hobby Lobby for T to paint.Transportation Study (90)_edited-1 Transportation Study (86)_edited-1Stacking Train

T played with his Melissa & Doug Stacking Train too.Transportation Study (94)

Thomas Box Trains

I made these box trains for T’s birthday party.  He got the out to play with them again today.Transportation Study (93)_edited-1 Transportation Study (91)_edited-1 Transportation Study (92)_edited-1


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