Transportation Day 5: Fire Trucks

Fire Trucks

Today was T’s favorite… fire trucks.  He just loves them so much.  We had a fun snack, crafts, literature, and songs.


  • What Does it do? Fire Truck by Josh Gregory

Music:  Ten Little Firefighters

Ten little firefighters sleeping in a row.  (Hold 10 fingers flat like their sleeping.)

Ding, ding goes the bell.  (Put a fist up and pull down.)

And down the pole they go.  (Hold one hand on top of the other like holding a pole.)

Off on the engine oh, oh, oh.  (Pretend to hold a steering wheel.)

Using the big hose, so, so, so.  (Pretend to spray a hose.)

When all the fire’s out, home so slow.  (Hold a steering wheel again.)

Back into bed, all in a row.  (Lay 10 fingers flat again.)

Imaginary Play: Play with Fisher Price Fire TruckTransportation Study (134)_edited-1

Fire Truck Snack


  • Graham Crackers
  • Red Frosting
  • Oreo’s
  • Stick Pretzels
  • Red Gum Drop


  1. Cut a small piece off of the corner of the graham cracker and spread red frosting over it.
  2. Break a pretzel in half and create a window around the cut part of the cracker.
  3. Add a gum drop siren behind the window.
  4. Add a pretzel stick ladder across the back part of the cracker.
  5. Add 2 Oreo wheels.Transportation Study (137)_edited-1 Transportation Study (138)_edited-1

Stop, Drop, and Roll

Discuss: Talk about what to do if your clothes catch on fire.  Stop, Drop and Roll.  Then have the children practice it.Transportation Study (136)_edited-1

Fire Truck Color Page

T colored page 7 in his A Beka Nursery Arts & Crafts book.Transportation Study (135)_edited-1Fire Truck Craft


  • Fire Truck Template
  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Brass Fastener
  • Markers
  • Red Paint
  • Paintbrush


  1. Print out the fire truck template and paint it red.
    Transportation Study (132)_edited-1
  2. Cut out a black rectangle and black triangle for the windows and glue them on.
  3. Cut out black wheels and glue them on.
  4. Cut out a yellow circle and cut it in a spiral like a hose and glue it on.
  5. Draw a ladder on a piece of white paper and cut around the outside.
  6. Fasten it to the top back of the fire tuck with the brass fastener.
  7. Cut out 2 small yellow semi circles one for a light on the top of the fire truck and one for the front head light.
  8. Write the child’s age with a marker on the side of the truck for the truck number.Transportation Study (131)_edited-1 Transportation Study (130)_edited-1 Transportation Study (129)_edited-1

Fire Truck Puzzle

J helped T with his Melissa & Doug Fire Truck Puzzle.Transportation Study (125)_edited-1

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