Transportation Day 10: Ice Cream Truck

Ice Cream Truck

We only get ice cream from the truck about once every other year because it is just so expensive, but he still talks about the ice cream truck when he hears it.  We didn’t have many activities for today so we did some review with other types of transportation too.


  • Isaac the Ice Cream Truck by Scott Santoro

Snack: Get a snack from the ice cream truck.  (this picture was from last fall)Transportation Study (1)_edited-1Transportation Study (215)_edited-1 Transportation Study (214)_edited-1 Imaginary Play: Melissa & Doug Ice Cream Scoop

Ice Cream Truck Coloring Page

I found this Ice Cream Truck Coloring Page to T.

Color Parking Lot

I made this colored parking lot for T to match up the color of his vehicles to the color of the parking space.Transportation Study (120)_edited-1 Transportation Study (119)_edited-1

Vehicles in a Box Puzzles

T put together his Melissa & Doug Vehicles in a Box Puzzles.Transportation Study (122)_edited-1

Masking Tape Road

I made a road down the hall from masking tape for T to drive his vehicles on.Transportation Study (212)_edited-1 Transportation Study (213)_edited-1

Lacing Cards

I got these transportation lacing cards from the Dollar Tree.Transportation Study (68)_edited-1

Wooden Magnets

I got the boys these Melissa & Doug Wooden Magnets to add glitter glue to.Transportation Study (67)_edited-1

Cars, Trucks, and Planes Sort

I used the Cars, Trucks, and Planes Sort found in this tot-pack.Transportation Study (165)_edited-1 Transportation Study (168)_edited-1


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