Renaissance Artists Day 3: Botticelli


Botticelli did round paintings so we tried to think of round things to paint today.

Discuss: Botticelli (1445-1510) was an early Renaissance artist. He painted religious scenes and Greek mythology. He was known for making his paintings look like there is a gentle movement in them. Like the wind flowing through a girls hair. He also started painting round pieces which was popular at the time. He also painted some of his pieces in circles which was becoming a trend of the times.

Artist Journal: Print out a work of art for the artist and glue it in the book. Write the title of the work of art and the name of the artist. Write the years of the artist’s life and what type of art he did. Draw a circle with an upside down cup or bowl and draw an art in the round picture. Give your drawing a title. Renaissance Art Study (31)

Art in the Round

Read: pg. 18 in Discovering Great Artistsby MaryAnn F. Kohl and Kim Solga

Discuss: Botticelli made several round paintings which were popular in his time.


  • Paper
  • Bowl
  • Paint or markers


  1. Place the bowl upside down on the paper and trace around the outside of it. Renaissance Art Study (19)
  2. Think about what you want to draw, there is no bottom (ground) and no top (sky). Think about what is round. Big truck tires, pools of water, snowflakes, outer space, designs, etc.
  3. Use the paint to create your own painting in the round.
  4. Cut out the circle with scissors.Renaissance Art Study (23) Renaissance Art Study (25) Renaissance Art Study (27) Renaissance Art Study (28) Renaissance Art Study (15) Renaissance Art Study (29)


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