Renaissance Artists Day 2: Limbourg Brothers

Limbourg Brothers

Today we had fun with seasons.  The Limbourg Brothers painted pictures from different seasons so we tried to copy some of their work then we made our own modern seasons painting.


  • The Duke and the Peasant by Sister Wendy Beckett

Discuss: The 3 brothers were hired by Duc de Berry to paint the pictures in his prayer book called The Book of Hours. The Limbourg Brother (1375-1416) practiced illuminated and manuscript paintings. They were artists from the Netherlands.

Artist Journal: Print out a work of art for the artist and glue it in the book. Write the title of the work of art and the name of the artist. Write the years of the artist’s life and what type of art he did. Sketch a picture of each season like they painted in the prayer book.  Use a magnifying glass to add the tiny details like the Brothers did. Give your drawing a title. Renaissance Art Study (10) Renaissance Art Study (11) Renaissance Art Study (12)

Seasonal Tree

Discuss: The Limbourg Brothers were known for painting a seasonal book of prayer for the Duc. This project is a painting of a tree that is divided into the 4 seasons.


  • Pencil
  • Paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper


  1. Start by dividing your paper into 4 equal pieces with your pencil.
  2. Paint the background of each section a different color (a color to match that season). For example you start with winter blue, spring green, summer yellow, fall orange.Renaissance Art Study (44) Renaissance Art Study (45)
  3. Let the background dry.
  4. Then sketch a tree trunk with branches (branching out very wide to fit in all 4 seasons).Renaissance Art Study (57)
  5. Next paint the tree trunk and branches brown.Renaissance Art Study (58) Renaissance Art Study (59) Renaissance Art Study (60)
  6. Add leaves (or just paint a bunch of circles for the leaves) in each season with different colors. For example you start with the winter white and blues, spring pinks and greens, summer greens and yellows, fall reds and oranges.Renaissance Art Study (61) Renaissance Art Study (62) Renaissance Art Study (63)


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