Pilgrims Unit Study

For our Pilgrim unit study we learned about the Separatists, then the Pilgrims, and later the American Colonists.  We had fun with geography, cooking, literature, and crafts.  I did this unit with in 7 days with my 2nd grader.  I would recommend this unit with 1st grade through 4th grade.  J loves maps and learning geography so this was an exciting unit for him.Pilgrims Study (26)

Pilgrim Unit Study

Day 1: The Separatists

Day 2: The Mayflower

Day 3: Plimoth Plantation

Day 4: Wampanoag & Squanto

Day 5:  The First Thanksgiving

Day 6:  The Colonists

Day 7:  Colonial Schools

Pilgrim Book List

Pilgrims DVD List

  • Colonial Life for Children Settling the New World by Schlessinger Media (grades 3-7)
  • American History for Children Early Settlers by Rhonda Fabian