Pilgrims Day 1: The Separatists

The Separatists

For our first day we learned that the Pilgrims started out as the Separatists.  We learned about the Separatists with geography, art, and literature.  Geography is one of J’s favorite subjects, he loves maps.


  • The Pilgrims Before the Mayflower by Susan Whitehurst
  • Stories of the Pilgrims by Margaret B. Pumphrey pgs. 1-85
  • A Beka Our America (pg. 65-75)

Discuss: In the early 1600’s there was a group of people who lived in England called the Separatists (show where England is on a globe). They did not agree with the laws of England, King James also ruled the Church of England. King James made a law that said all private religious meetings were against the law. The Separatists wanted to worship God the way that the Bible told them too. When they started having secret church meetings the king found out and threatened to put them in jail so the Separatists planned to go to Holland so they could worship how they wanted to (show where Holland is on the globe).Pilgrims Study (25) The captain of the ship that the Separatists were going to sail on told the king’s soldiers about their plan. The soldiers captured the Separatists and put them in jail for a month. Once they were freed they made more secret plans to escape to Holland again. This time they found a Holland captain who owned his own ship. The Separatists sold their homes and belongings and got ready to leave. One night the women and children took a boat ride out to the ship as the men walked down to the shore. The women’s boat rowed down a creek to get to the ship but the tide was going out and left them stranded until the tide rose again. So the men boarded the ship first waiting for the women. The captain saw what had happened to the women and saw English soldiers coming. He got scared and sailed away without the women. The soldiers took the women to see the judges of England. The women and children cried for their husbands and fathers to the judges. The judges decided to send them to Holland to be with their husbands and fathers. Use a world map to show the route from England to d Holland (The Netherlands). The Separatists were now called Pilgrims. Pilgrims are people who travel for religious reasons. They liked that they could freely worship God in Holland but they didn’t like that it was harder to earn a living and that their children were learning to become like the Dutch children. After living in Holland for 12 years they decided to travel to America.

Comprehension Questions:

  1. What were the Separatists trying to separate from? The church of England
  2. What country did the Separatists plan to go at first? Holland
  3. How did the king’s soldiers find out about the plan for the Separatists to leave England? The captain of the ship told the plan to the soldiers.
  4. What happened to the Separatist women and children in the boat? The tied went out stranding them in the creek. The soldier captured them and took them to the judge.
  5. How did the Separatist men get to Holland? The made it to the Dutch ship first and the captain left when he saw the soldiers coming.
  6. How do you think the Separatist men felt when they saw their families again?

Separatist Church Bank

Discuss: The king of England made a law that everyone had to go to his church and worship the way he did. Th e Separatist didn’t agree with that so the decided to escape to a land where they could worship the way they thought was right.


  • Small Milk Carton
  • White Paint
  • Gold Pipe Cleaner
  • Coffee Filters
  • Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Bowl of water
  • Scissors


  1. Rinsing out your milk carton.
  2. Use markers to add color to the filter (press kind of hard to get the ink to soak through).
  3. Dip the filter in the water to get the colors to run and blend. Let it dry for the stained glass windows.Pilgrims Study (11) Pilgrims Study (12)
  4. Paint the milk carton white. Pilgrims Study (13)
  5. Now put your milk carton to the side to dry.Pilgrims Study (14)
  6. Cut out and glue on a roof and a door from construction paper. Pilgrims Study (16)
  7. Select bright sections of the coffee filter and cut out stained glass windows. Attach the windows with a glue stick. Pilgrims Study (17)Pilgrims Study (18)
  8. Lay the church on it’s back so you can glue on a cross with pipe cleaners. Pilgrims Study (19) Pilgrims Study (20)
  9. Just open it up like you’re going to drink some milk, put your money in and close it back up.Pilgrims Study (23)

Pilgrim Children Name Game

I copied page 16 from Pilgrims Theme Unit by Susan Moger for J to learn some of the different names that the Pilgrims named their children.Pilgrims Study (116)

Building a Sailing Ship

We made a ship with pages 10-12 in Colonial Kids by Laurie CarlsonPilgrims Study (2) Pilgrims Study (3) Pilgrims Study (4) Pilgrims Study (5) Pilgrims Study (6) Pilgrims Study (7) Pilgrims Study (8) Pilgrims Study (10) Pilgrims Study (9)

Pilgrim Drawing

J likes to draw so he drew the Pilgrim girl on pages 50-53 from Draw. Write. Now. Book 3 by Marie Hablitzel and Kim Stitzer.Pilgrims Study (22)


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