Nutrition Unit Study

In this unit study we learned about nutrition, healthy meals, and the food pyramid.  We had fun with some experiments, crafts, and literature.  I did this unit with my 2nd grader and would recommend it for kindergarten through 3rd grade.

Nutrition Unit Study

Day 1: Food Groups

Day 2: Milk & Water

Day 3: Healthy Meals

Day 4: Table Manners

Day 5: Energy Foods

Day 6: Protein Foods

Day 7: Vitamins & Minerals

Nutrition Book List

Lesson Books:

School Age Books:

  • The Food Pyramid by Christine Taylor-Butler
  • Healthy Food by A.R. Schaefer
  • Journey of a Glass of Milk by Johm Malam
  • Striking a Healthy Balance by Kristin Petrie
  • Food Energy by Peter Mellett & Jane Rossiter
  • Vitamins and Minerals by Angela Royston

Preschool Books:  (for if you have younger children who want to participate)

  • My Food Pyramid by Rebecca Rissman
  • The Milk Group by Mari C. Schuh
  • Green Beans, Potatoes, and Even Tomatoes by Brian P. Cleary
  • Macaroni and Rice and Bread by the Slice by Brian P. Cleary
  • Yogurt and cheeses and Ice Cream That Pleases by Brian P. Cleary
  • Oils (Just a Bit) to Keep Your Body Fit by Brian P. Cleary
  • Black Beans and Lamb, Poached Eggs and Ham by Brian P. Cleary
  • Apples, Cherries, Red Raspberries by Brian P. Cleary
  • Run and Hike, Play and Bike by Brian P. Cleary
  • Get Moving by Mari Schuh
  • Proteins Are Powerful by Amanda Rondeau
  • Stone Soup by Jon J. MuthNutrition Study (40)_edited-1