Nutrition Day 2: Milk & Water

Milk & Water

Today we learned that water and milk are very good for our bodies.  We made a drinking chart and decorated a water bottle.


Discuss: Milk is good for our bodies because it has calcium for our bones and teeth, it has vitamins and protein to help us grow well and stay active. Water is good for your bodies because it helps us digest food, control our body temperature and carry waste materials. Almost 2/3 of your body is make up of water; many of the good foods that we eat contain water too.

Milk -2 glasses a day

Water -6 glasses a day

Comprehension Questions:

  1. What liquids should we drink every day?
  2. How much of each should we drink?

Water Bottles

Discuss: We need to drink 6 glasses of water a day. If you are having a hard time getting that much decorate a water bottle and carry it around with you for a few days refilling it when it gets empty.


  • Cheap water bottle
  • foam stickers


  1. Use foam craft stickers to decorate your water bottle.Nutrition Study (65)_edited-1 Nutrition Study (64)_edited-1 Nutrition Study (63)_edited-1

What to Drink


  1. Keep track of all the juice, milk, and water that you drink in one day. Color the letters of what you drink each day

What to Drink

Sunday- W W W W W W W W M M M J J J J S

Monday- W W W W W W W W M M M J J J J S

Tuesday- W W W W W W W W M M M J J J J S

Wednesday- W W W W W W W W M M M J J J J S

Thursday- W W W W W W W W M M M J J J J S

Friday- W W W W W W W W M M M J J J J S

Saturday- W W W W W W W W M M M J J J J S

W= Water

M= Milk

J= Juice

S= Soda or another sugary drinkNutrition Study (57)_edited-1

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