Nutrition Day 1: Food Groups

Food Groups

Today was learned what the 5 food groups are and had fun making a 3-D food pyramid.


Discuss: Food GroupsNutrition Study (78)_edited-1 Nutrition Study (79)_edited-1

Dairy -2-3 servings

Protein -2-3 servings

Vegetables -2-3 servings

Fruits -2-3 servings

Grains -6-11 servings

Fats & Oils -choose wisely

Comprehension Questions:

  1. What are the food groups?
  2. How many servings of each food group should a child have each day?

A Healthy Week


  1. Keep track of all the foods you ate for a week.
  2. Keep track of each meal on each day.
  3. Keep track of how many of each food group you ate in each day.Nutrition Study (58)_edited-1 Nutrition Study (59)_edited-1

Sorting Food

Discuss: There are 5 main food groups that you can see here on this Food Groups What Makes a Serving print out.

Dairy – milk, cheese, yogurt

Protein – meat, fish, eggs, beans, nuts

Vegetables – carrots, lettuce, radishes, broccoli

Fruits – apples, bananas, peaches, grapes

Grains – cereal, bread, crackers

Fats & Oils – Junk Food


  • Play foods of each food group (or real food containers)
  • Masking Tape
  • Labels for each food group


  1. Use the masking tape to make a triangle on the floor creating the outline of the food pyramid.
  2. Place the labels in the correct section of the food pyramid.Nutrition Study (75)_edited-1
  3. Help the child sort play food into the correct food group by setting the items on the floor in the pyramid.Nutrition Study (74)_edited-1

Food Pyramid Organizing

I used this Organize the Food Group Worksheet and Chef Souls and the Explorers Introduce the Food Groups for J to review the food groups.Nutrition Study (77)_edited-1


Nutrition Unit Study

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