Minion Party

T turned 4 this year!  He loves the minions on Despicable Me so we chose that as his birthday theme this year.  I layered his cake with blueberry and yellow cakes then frosted it with butter cream before I added the fondant.

Titus 4th (33) Titus 4th (2)We also had banana splits since the Minions seem to love bananas.Titus 4th (3) Titus 4th (4) Titus 4th (7)I made these marshmallow minions with yellow hard candy.Titus 4th (31)

I cut up banana pieces and let the kids dip them in the chocolate fountain then dip them in a topping.Titus 4th (8)Titus B-Day -Bekah (8) Titus B-Day -Bekah (7) Titus B-Day -Bekah (6) Titus B-Day -Bekah (5)

I used yellow cups, electrical tape, and googly eyes for these cute Minion cups.Titus 4th (40)Titus B-Day -Bekah (21) Titus B-Day -Bekah (15)We also had a pinyata.Titus B-Day -Bekah (13)Titus 4th (14)

For lunch we had stuffed crust pizza… “Oooo Stuffed Crust” (that’s one of the boys favorite lines in the movie.)Titus 4th (24) Titus 4th (25) Titus 4th (22) Titus 4th (23) Titus 4th (21)Titus 4th (20)

I also found these Minion snacks.Titus 4th (27) Titus 4th (28)Titus B-Day -Bekah (3)

I made Minions out of plastic Easter eggs and filled them with banana Runts.Titus 4th (30)

Then I made these cute balloons too.Titus 4th (26)

Time for presents!  I used Minion Duct Tape around the bottom of a plastic blue table cloth for the tables.Titus B-Day -Bekah (20)Titus 4th (9) Titus 4th (10)

My sister-in-law, Cloninger Photography, did a great job with his birthday pictures again this year.Titus B-Day -Bekah (26)