Lego Party

Lego Party

My sweet, wonderful boy is growing up so fast.  He loves science, Legos, and cousins.  J is 9 years old this year and his best friend and cousin is 8.  Their birthday’s are just 3 weeks apart and they both love Legos so they had a joint party this year.  J’s aunt and I had fun planning another party together.Lego B-Day -Bekah (5)All the kids colored Lego minifig coloring sheets and we hung them up to make a banner.Lego B-Day (15) Lego B-Day -Bekah (2)J made a Lego container to hold the forks.  We covered the juice boxes with construction paper and added dots to look like Legos.Lego B-Day (17)Lego B-Day -Bekah (9)We wrapped some of the gifts to look like Legos too.Lego B-Day (14) Lego B-Day -Bekah (8) Lego B-Day -Bekah (7)J got a few new Lego sets and the Lego Movie.Lego B-Day (40) Lego B-Day (37) Lego B-Day (38) Lego B-Day (39)J gave his cousin a watch for his birthday.Lego B-Day (33) Lego B-Day (34) Lego B-Day (35)The boys had fun putting their Legos together with Papa.Lego B-Day -Bekah (4) Lego B-Day -Bekah (3)We played Lego games too.Lego B-Day (23) Lego B-Day (28)J’s aunt made cookies to look like Legos and Minifig marshmallow pops.Lego B-Day (19) Lego B-Day (26)To start the Lego cake I found a Lego font in a Google search.  Then I printed out the boys name and colored it to look like the Lego logo.Lego B-Day (1)Then I used my homemade marshmallow fondant to create edible names that look like the Lego logo.Lego B-Day (2)Next I used candy melts to create the candy Lego bricks and minifigs with my silicone Lego molds.Lego B-Day (4)Then I made the cake with colored white cake mix in my checkered cake pans.Lego B-Day (6)Next I made my butter cream frosting green and frosted the cake.  I added the candy bricks around the boarder of the cake.Lego B-Day (7)Then placed the green fondant on the top portion of the cake and added the name Lego logos on top.Lego B-Day (10)Then I placed a thin piece of yellow fondant around the cake above the bricks and set the minifigs on it.Lego B-Day (12) Lego B-Day (13)Then I placed the #8 and #9 candles that I had.Lego B-Day (18) Lego B-Day -Bekah (6) Lego B-Day (43)Happy Birthday, my growing boy!!!05 02He wrote about his Lego party the next day in writing class 🙂Lego B-Day (20) Lego B-Day (2)



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  1. I’m not sure if you still use this blog, but I just stumbled upon your page and saw your post about your son’s lego party! Such fun! I have an almost 5yo – he LOVES legos. I can see using your ideas in a party for him. Thanks for the fun ideas and for sharing your pictures. 🙂

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