Hay Day Party

My Mother-in-law loves to play the Hay Day app so we threw her a surprise party.  Here is the link to the Android Hay Day App and here is the link to the Apple Hay Day app.  The truth is almost every adult in this family plays Hay Day… My in-laws, 3 of their sons, and 2 of their son’s wives.Marlene's B-Day (22)

I made tissue paper pom-pom farm animals and a birthday banner for decorations.Marlene's B-Day (24)

We grilled for dinner.  I attempted to make deviled eggs that looked like chicks hatching. I also made carrots out of green silverware and orange napkins.Marlene's B-Day (23)Marlene's B-Day (21)Marlene's B-Day (15)

I printed out the images from the Hay Day wiki for the signs that are on the table.

Juice Press: apple juice, lemonadeMarlene's B-Day (16)

BBQ Grill: hamburgers, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, and pork steaks, cornbreadMarlene's B-Day (17)

Salad Bar: lettuce, olives, cheese, bacon bits, carrots, tomatoesMarlene's B-Day (18)

She got a favorite book as a gift and read it to the grandkids.Marlene's B-Day (10)

Then we had dessert.  I had cow pies (chocolate covered nuts), haystacks, and blackberry muffins.Marlene's B-Day (9)

Pie Oven: mini pie crust with pudding to put in them, blackberries, raspberries, strawberriesMarlene's B-Day (8) Marlene's B-Day (4)

Candy Machine: caramel apples, jellybeans, chocolate barsMarlene's B-Day (3)

Ice Cream Maker: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream cones with blackberry jam as a toppingMarlene's B-Day (7)

Last I made her favorite yellow cake with chocolate frosting to look like a pig pen.  I made the pigs with pink marshmallow fondant.  I put KitKats all around the cake and made little flowers and grass around the outside with colored butter cream frosting.  I made the ladder with tootsie rolls.Marlene's B-Day (1)