Goodnight Moon Day 2: Telling Time

Today we worked with clocks.  We practiced telling time, made a spinning clock craft, practiced some spelling, played a game, and practiced our phone number.  J has gotten pretty good at telling time by now, so this was a great review.

Telling Time

Read: Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

Discuss: Look at the moon and the time on the clock on each page in Goodnight Moon. The time changes 10 minutes each page and the moon rises a bit each page too. There are 12 numbers on the clock, these tell us what hour of the day it is. The 12 numbers can also tell us what minute of the hour it is if we count the numbers by 5’s. Let’s count by 5’s now (count to 60). There are 60 minutes in one hour, there are also 60 seconds in one minute. Let’s count to one minute (count by 1’s to 60).IMG_2683

Comprehension Questions:

    1. What time is Bunny’s bed time?

How long did it take Bunny to fall asleep?

What Time is it?

I printed out this What Time is it? paper for J to match up the correct times.

Paper Plate Clock


  • paper plate small and large
  • number stickers
  • markers
  • paper fastener
  • construction paper
  • paintbrush
  • paint
  • scissors


  1. Paint the small and large plates each a different color. Let them dry.IMG_2687
  2. Cut 2 clock hands from the construction paper.
  3. Fasten the smaller plate to the middle of the larger plate with the paper fastener. Be sure to have the clock hands on the smaller plate.
  4. Use number stickers to make the numbers 1-12 on the smaller plate. IMG_2701
  5. Use a marker to write the numbers. by 5’s on the outer plate.IMG_2708

Clock Match

J used this download for this Clock Matching activity. He cut out each piece and place the clocks down the left side of a piece of construction paper (front and back).IMG_2684Then he matched up the times on the right side of the paper.IMG_2690 IMG_2691

Goodnight Moon Game

J and I played a few different memory versions of our Goodnight Moon Game.IMG_2636My Phone Number

I used page 5 of this download to review My Phone Number.IMG_2692 IMG_2693Spelling Practice

I used pages 9 &10 from this download for J to practice spelling the items that were in the book. IMG_2703

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