Fall Fun Day 5: Scarecrows


Today we had some fun with scarecrows.  We had a snack and made a few crafts.


  • Scarecrow by Cynthia Rylant



  • Scarecorws have been around since the time of ancient Egypt

  • In some cultures people were sent into the fields to keep away the birds.

  • Native Americans would send children or the elder with noise makers to take turns keeping the birds away.

  • People rely on a good harvest to eat during the winter, human and stuffed scarecrows help them have one.

Roll-n-Color Scarecrow

I found this fun Roll-n-Color Scarecrow game for the boys to play.  They roll the dice and then color the part of the scarecrow that they rolled.Fall Fun Study (305)_edited-1 Fall Fun Study (306)_edited-1

 Paper Bag Scarecrow


  • paper bags

  • construction paper

  • yarn

  • glue

  • markers

  • scissors

  • newspaper

  • buttons


  1. Fill paper bag with crumpled newspaper.Fall Fun Study (308)_edited-1
  2. Tie the bag closed with yarn. Fold over remainder of bag and cut into strips.Fall Fun Study (309)_edited-1 Fall Fun Study (310)_edited-1
  3. Draw an outline of a hat on your paper and then cut it out.Fall Fun Study (311)_edited-1
  4. Cut paper into 1 inch strips for hair and glue them to the back of the hat coming out of the front. Fall Fun Study (312)_edited-1
  5. Cut a strip of paper for the trim on the hat and glue on. Fall Fun Study (314)_edited-1
  6. Use marker to draw the face, glue on buttons for the eyes.Fall Fun Study (315)_edited-1 Fall Fun Study (316)_edited-1

J decided to make his a pirate scarecrow!

Autumn Maze

 I found this Autumn Maze for J to help the scarecrow find the sunflower.Fall Fun Study (304)_edited-1

 Scarecrow Cookie


  • Sugar Cookies
  • Pull-N-Peel Licorice
  • Candy Corn
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Sucker Sticks
  • Frosting
  • Chow Mein Noodles
  • Waffer Cookies


  1. Carefully slide the stick up into the side of the cookie.Fall Fun Study (327)_edited-1
  2. Add frosting to the top of the cookie.
  3. Add Waffer Cookie across the top for a hat and then break one in half and add it to the top of the first one for the hat. Use the frosting as glue. Add pull-n-peel licorice line across the hat.Fall Fun Study (329)_edited-1
  4. Add chow mein noodles for hair coming out of each side of the hat.Fall Fun Study (330)_edited-1
  5. Add chocolate chip eyes.
  6. Add candy corn nose.
  7. Add pull-n-peel mouth.Fall Fun Study (331)_edited-1 Fall Fun Study (334)_edited-1

Scarecrow Writing

I found this Scarecrow Writing paper in my files (I can’t remember where I got it).  J wrote a story abou a scarecrow for me.Fall Fun Study (303)_edited-1

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