Dinosaurs Day 13: Triceratops


Today we focused on one of the more popular Cretaceous herbivores, Triceratops.  We had a few writing and math paper along with a wooden dino model.



As you learn each dinosaur on this day look up the Dino Dictionary to see you to correctly pronounce their names, and find each dinosaur on the dinosaur classification chart that we made earlier.

Dinosaur Journal:

Draw a picture of your Triceratops.

Triceratops Information

Translation: Three-horned Face

Diet: Herbivore

Period: Cretaceous

Family: Ceratopsidae

Height: 9 feet

Length: 26 feet

Weight: 7 tons

Physical Appearance: Triceratops was a rhinoceros-like dinosaur. It had a short, pointed tail, a bulky body, column-like legs with hoof-like claws, and a bony neck frill rimmed with bony bumps. It had a parrot-like beak, many cheek teeth, and powerful jaws.

Lifestyle: The horns were possibly used in mating rivalry and rituals. Triceratops hatched from eggs. Triceratops was probably a herding animal, like the other Ceratopsians because of the finding of bone beds, large deposits of bones of the same species in an area.

Discovered by: The first Triceratops skull was found in 1888 by John Bell Hatcher.Triceratops was namedby Marsh in 1889.


J filled in the Triceratops Information Page to review what he learned.

Triceratops Addition


I printed out this Triceratops Addition page for J to review his addition facts up to 9.IMG_4296

Triceratops Quiz 1. Did Triceratops eat meat or plants?_________________________

2. How many horns were on Triceratops’ head?__________________

3. What is the name of the large, bony structure that grew from the back of Triceratops’ head?___________________

4. How many legs did Triceratops walk on? _____________________

5. Who named Triceratops?_________________________________

6. What geologic period did Triceratops live in? __________________

7. How long was Triceratops? _______________________________

8. Did Triceratops have a long, whip-like tail? ___________________

9. Is there any evidence that Triceratops lived in herds? ___________

10. When did Triceratops go extinct?__________________________

Triceratops Fun

I found this Triceratops Maze and What a Frill! Dot-to-Dot for J to have some more fun with Triceratops.

3-D Triceratops Puzzle

I found this Rose Art 3-D Create N’ Color Wooden Dinosaur Series at our local Goodwill store.  We put together to Triceratops dino today.IMG_4148 IMG_4150IMG_4291

Describing Dinosaurs

J used the Triceratops Describing Dinosaurs to work on adding adjectives to his sentences.

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