Children of the World Unit Study

J loves geography and learning about different countries.  I decided to choose a few countries for us to learn about more in depth.  We did lots of art, cooking, Legos, literature, games, and other projects for each country.  I did this unit with my 2nd  grader but could easily be adapted for use with Kindergarten through 3rd grade.  We studied some of the countries that corresponded with unit 3 in his A Beka Arithmetic 2 book.

Children of the World Unit Study

Day 1: Canada (Eskimos)

Day 2: Japan

Day 3: The Netherlands (Holland)

Day 4: Nigeria

Day 5: Mexico

Day 6: Australia

Day 7: Kenya

Day 8: Great Britain (England)

Day 9: Zambia

Day 10: Brazil

Day 11: China

Day 12: New Zealand

Day 13: Norway

Day 14: Chile

Day 15: Egypt

Day 16: Russia

Day 17: Jamaica

Day 18: Italy

Day 19: Peru

Day 20: Israel

Day 21: Poland

Day 22: Madagascar

Day 23: Thailand

Day 24: Spain

Day 25: Morocco

Day 26: India

Children of the World Book ListChildren of the World (2)

Children of the World Web Sites

J colored in each country on the blank map as we studied it.Children of the World (18)Passport

J also made a passport booklet with information from each country on a page.Children of the World (13)Hands On Visuals

I got out some of the things that I have collected from my travels for J to see.

HondurasChildren of the World (263)MozambiqueChildren of the World (262)MexicoChildren of the World (264)Reading Comprehension

I used page 28 from the Instructional Fair Building Reading Comprehension Reproducible Activity Book, Grades 3 to 4 for J to do as we learned about each country.IMG_0386