Batman Party

J is 7 now… growing so fast!  He has liked Batman since he was 3.  When he was 3 he was asked by a teacher what he was going to be for Halloween (we had never dressed up for Halloween before and never talked about it before this).  He responded like he knew what it was all about, “I’m going to be Batman”.  I didn’t even know that he knew who Batman was, but we let him dress up anyway and he still likes Batman!Josiah's B-day (21) Josiah's B-day (5) Josiah's B-day (3)I found him the Batman beach towel for a gift.  He also got Legos and more Batman toys!Josiah's B-day (7) Josiah's B-day (8) Josiah's B-day (10)My sister-in-law, Cloninger Photography, took J’s 7 year old birthday pictures.Josiah's B-Day -Bekah (12)_edited-1